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Top 10 Games on the Xbox Series X

Thursday, March 17, 2022

From a hardware perspective the Xbox Series X always delivers. It's super-fast, practically silent, and delivers an exceptional performance. This ensures that games – both old and new – look and perform better than they ever have before.

With that said we’ve put together a list of the top 10 games on the Xbox Series X, these are in no particular order and offer a range of genres and technical capabilities.

Put the Xbox series X to the test with these Top 10 games:


1. Forza Horizon 5

“Forza Horizon 5 proves that even the best games can get better. An unparalleled driving experience that also happens to be a graphical showcase like no other.”


2. Halo Infinite

“In the end, it’s hard not to love Halo Infinite, which is easily the most complete game in a franchise that’s long set the bar for gaming. There’s just nothing like playing through an adventure as the Master Chief.”


3. Psychonauts 2

“The very existence of Psychonauts 2 demonstrates that good ideas have to overcome a thousand difficulties before being realized, but in the end, they somehow impose themselves. It took years for the first chapter to overcome people’s skepticism but, day after day, it has built up a fan base so large that we were finally able to play with a full-fledged, high budget sequel. And it's beautiful. Pleasant, original, colourful, compelling. Do you need more adjectives to be convinced?”


4. Resident Evil Village

“Resident Evil: Village takes the groundwork from the seventh part and mixes it together with the very best from the previous Resident Evil titles. It enchants and shocks us at the same time, to the point that we become completely addicted to it. A contemporary classic that sets a new standard, just as Resident Evil 4 once did.”


5. Yakuza: Like a Dragon

“Yakuza: Like A Dragon is a wonderful addition to the franchise. It hits the mark with a likeable new protagonist and an engaging new combat system without losing what makes Yakuza great. It suffers from issues like a low difficulty (another Yakuza staple), but it features top-notch humour and charm. If you like Yakuza, then you'll like Like A Dragon. It is everything that makes the series great and is one of the freshest entries since Yakuza 0.”


6. Gears Tactics 

“Gears Tactics is a stellar tactics game that still manages to feel like the Gears you know and love. With an okay story, addictive RPG systems, and dozens of hours of gameplay, this is a must-play for any fans of turn-based strategy games or the Gears franchise in general.”


7. Hitman 3

“A must-buy for fans of the Stealth genre, and a safe bet for those looking for a well-crafted third-person escapade that combines solid gameplay with high-quality, movie-like production values.”


8. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 

“Lots of story elements and a varied mission design make for a worthy follow-up to Odyssey. Valhalla plays well, doesn't solely rely on grinding to pad out its runtime and offers a world that's genuinely amazing to look at.”


9.Death’s Door

“Death’s Door is a fun and unique action-adventure game with appealing scenery and music. You can pick it up and play on the go, and although the controls require skill, it’s easy to master.”


10. Sea of Thieves

“Have you ever wondered what it might be like to fill the boots of a semi-cartoon pirate sailing the open seas with four fellow shipmates, plundering islands and sinking other ships just for the sheer joy of it? If the answer is yes, then Rare’s Sea of Thieves is the game for you.” 


Happy gaming, let us know what your favourite Xbox Series X game is on our social media platforms and use #GamingwithDialdirect 

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