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The New Tech-Scape – 5 Tech Trends Set to Claim 2020

Monday, February 17, 2020

This year’s technological growth looks set to be a progression full of futuristic joy for you. From autonomous driving, to artificial intelligence, and even another giant leap in space exploration, it’s sure going to be a smorgasbord of techy thrills in 2020.

So, let’s have a very quick look at the 5 tech trends that’ll probably dominate this year.

1. The Green Revolution Hits Home

We’ve already seen progress in this regard from the retail shopping space – especially from big players like Woolworths.

But how does a ‘green’ revolution translate digitally for family and home?

Through the Internet of Things, says research, and big data.

And what does that mean?

Well, in 2020 there looks set to be an increase in artificial intelligence (AI) in the home of the average family. It’ll vary, but most households will be able to afford it to some degree. From wearable tech, to smart appliances, AI is making itself known, more and more (we’ll talk a little more about it in the next point).

The use of AI will be measured, and from this data, methods will be developed that could essentially reduce the average home’s carbon footprint. Costs for basic electricity, water usage, and even waste management can also be reduced. These will, in turn, become infinitely more environmentally efficient in their mechanisation – based solely on how, according to the data, the household operates.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Speaking of AI, the pioneers of tech – Apple, Facebook, Google, et al – all say that this is where it’s at. They have recent histories of buying AI tech, with the view to, we can only assume, develop further into that space. Could this be the year AI truly shines? At Dialdirect, we’re hoping so.

And it’s not only the big players of tech that are jumping on this particular bandwagon. In a recent article, fast food giant, McDonald’s revealed their acquisition of Dynamic Yield – a personalisation and recommendation technology – to mirror the recommendation engine used by some big online retailers like Amazon.

In other words, McDonald’s wants to know what you like, so that they can customise a menu just for you. We like it – or should we say, ‘we’re lovin’ it’.

3. Foldable Devices

If you’re into your gadgets, here’s an interesting one – foldable phones and tablets.

That’s right. A device that you can manipulate just like you would a book or paper pad.

So far, however, there are mixed reviews as to the need for this feature in our devices.

At Dialdirect, we cannot deny the ‘cool factor’ here. But two big points weigh on us: the practicality of it all, and the price – looks like reasonably-priced foldable devices aren’t going to be a reality in the near future (right now, the new stock could set you back around R50k!).

Check out some of the best up-and-comers, here.

And remember, if you get one, our Portable Possessions Cover is an absolute must.

4. Space: The Final Frontier… Again

Again, there’s a significant ‘cool factor’ here.

After a bit of a go-slow in the last few decades or so, big business and tech are making headway into the vast expanses of space.

We’ve had wind of SpaceX and Blue Origin leading the pack, but Elon Musk will no-doubt be in that group, among others in China.

And the goal? It’s primarily to pioneer the development of travel, where – using space tech - intercontinental transport should be possible at a fraction of the time. And that fits quite nicely into our first trend – bye bye, carbon footprints.

5. Mobile Security – The Rise of Cyber-Espionage

This one is more of a tech trend concern, but it’s a good one to include, nonetheless.

In a world where self-driving cars, machines that can learn and boundless space travel are reality, so too is the increased risk of data leaks and privacy disasters – business and private, alike.

In 2020, those that are looking to deceitfully gain from you or your business will be hoping to take advantage of the growth of mobile (more devices in more hands), the infusion of the Internet of Things (everyone and everything is connected), big data becoming more valuable than gold, and of course, 5G’s imminent arrival (more people connected on more platforms). We now need to be hyper-vigilant in protecting ourselves against what is essentially a new form of terrorism – cyber-espionage.

And so, remember, 1234 is NOT a secure password. Protect yourself and your family online in these technology-driven times.

And just on that topic – at Dialdirect, we have Cyber Insurance, so you can look forward to the good trends, and not fear the worrisome ones.

These are just some of the trends that’ll probably be making an appearance, or becoming more significant, in the 2020 tech-scape. All in all, quite an exciting projection – the future is NOW.