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It’s time for the Apple Watch

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Rumours about the Apple Watch have been doing the rounds since the release of the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus earlier this year. Many questions around it still exist. Is it just a watch? What can it do? How much does it cost? We take a look at the long awaited new smart watch that aims to set the bar for any successors that dare to follow in their footsteps.

Smart watches stay connected to your smartphone and lets you know about all notifications (SMS, emails etc.) without you having to carry your phone or tablet around with you, they usually have a fitness tracker and can play music as well. If you’re interested in the Apple Watch, specifically, you’ll need an iPhone, no older than the iPhone 5 model.

Even though the Apple Watch is not the first smart watch it’s definitely something special with unique functions and features. The Apple Watch is the first smart watch to support mobile payments and also the first to have a force-sensitive display- the hardness or softness of your touch determines the function performed. It also comes with a never-seen-before magnetically attachable charging cable.

The watches will be available in two sizes: 38 mm and 42 mm, both with 8GB storage. Potential buyers will be spoilt for choice with Apple releasing three models, with the same features, but completely different looks. There’s the Apple Watch Sport (synthetic rubber band, aluminium-alloy body and Ion strengthened glass and composite back) that will cost around R4 485.81, the Apple Watch (stainless steel with sapphire crystal and ceramic back as well as two colours to choose from) that can be bought for between R6854.78 and R13 193.56 and finally, the swankiest of the three, the Apple Watch Edition that will set you back between R119, 943.03 and R203, 843.06 (18 karat gold body with a sapphire crystal and ceramic back).

There’s a variety of colours (for each individual model) to choose from, bands are interchangeable and some of your options are metal mesh with magnets, auto-attaching leather bands, metal link bands, classic leather bands and plasticised sport bands.  It’s easy to play around with customizable styles at mixyourwatch.com. 

Apple Watch is predicted to arrive at our shores in June 2015, so keep your eyes and ears open. Should you invest in the latest technological piece make sure it’s insured.