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When it comes to your next set of wheels, why buy when you could just subscribe?

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

With the advent of car subscriptions, it’s time to start thinking differently about what kind of car you drive, when you drive it – and how much you actually pay for that car.

Because just like Uber, Lyft and Taxify were game changers for the auto industry, car subscriptions could also be the way of the future. Simply put, a car subscription is a lot like taking out a subscription for a new smartphone. Instead of owning it out right, you instead pay a certain amount every month to ‘lease’ the car. And these subscriptions also come with a whole carload of benefits, like no need for exorbitant down payments, insurance costs already factored in, and plenty of flexible options.

Think of it this way: with a flexible car subscription, you could drive a typical sedan during the work week, and then switch it out for an SUV on weekends. And you could potentially save so much more too. With brands like Volvo, Cadillac and even Porsche already trying out subscription services, driving your dream car could suddenly become a whole lot more affordable.

Of course, what’s interesting too is how this could impact car insurance offerings in future as well. A new way of driving will also need a new kind of insurance – and in that regard Dialdirect is already leading the pack, thanks, in part, to the innovative Dialdirect app. Simply put, the Dialdirect app rewards people with cash back for being better drivers. (If you haven’t got it yet, you’re going to want to download it now.) And with the amount of money you get back being directly proportional to how well you drive – Dialdirect’s insurance isn’t just about being covered anymore. It’s about creating better, safer drivers on the roads. Which is as important for car owners as it is for subscribers.

Another great way that the Dialdirect app could work well with a subscription car service is that the app itself is a telematics tool that’s not actually attached to your car. So it doesn’t matter what kind of car you drive, or how often you might change it – the app will always track the way you drive – and you still get all the app benefits and savings as long as you’re driving right.

So, before you shell out on a brand-new car, perhaps consider how a car subscription service, with a little help from Dialdirect, could be the way of the future.