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The most rewarding resolution you can make in 2018? Drive Right.

Friday, January 26, 2018

If you’re a driver on SA roads, there are some things you just know you shouldn’t do.

You shouldn’t speed. You shouldn’t be on your phone while you’re driving. You shouldn’t brake harshly. You shouldn’t drive in dangerous areas. You get the idea.

So what better New Year’s resolution to make than to be a more careful, more mindful driver? For one, you’ll make life a whole lot safer for yourself and others. And then there’s the fact that you’ll also make life a whole lot more rewarding.  And it’s all thanks to the Dialdirect app.

Dialdirect is the only insurer who’s rewarding people with cash back for being better drivers. So get our app now and start driving right. It’s easy. Just pay attention to the 7 drive factors that help you drive right: Braking, Speeding, Distance, Night time driving, Acceleration, Cell phone use and Route Risk Index. Your trips will be automatically tracked and scored based on how well you drive. Then, depending on your score, you’ll get cash paid back into your account at the start of the new month. 

We mean it. When you do your thing, you #GetBackChing and great benefits.

You can earn vouchers, valued from R50 up to R5 000, you can join challenges and you can challenge your friends (even if they’re not with Dialdirect). Best of all? There’s no cap on how much you can earn.

Remember though, with any resolution, consistency is key. So, the better you drive, the more you get rewarded. Just be sure that your trips are tracked consistently (by downloading and registering on the app) and ensuring that your GPS location settings are always on when you drive.

Here’s to driving right and getting rewarded for it in 2018.