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Monday, May 09, 2022


Did you hear the one about the frozen squirrel that fell out of a tree?  Sounds like the start of a hilarious joke right?  Only the punch line is a bit more serious - the squirrel actually crashed through the windscreen and onto the passenger seat resulting in an insurance claim for the driver.  Another spooky one -  once, a customer panicked when a spider ran up her leg as she was driving, causing her to bump into a parked vehicle. 


OK, two more – someone once claimed for a new cellphone when it stopped working after she dropped it in a bowl of custard.  And, in the UK, a child once spilt cooldrink on his grandfather’s laptop. They tried to fix the problem by drying the laptop with a hairdryer which melted the keys, causing quite a lot of damage.


So bizarre were these claims, Dialdirect Insurance decided to do a bit of humour digging of their own to see how South African insurance claims compare. 
Here are a few strange, but true, insurance claims that Dialdirect have received:


  1. An actual claim description:  "All of a sudden the car jumped out of the ground and grabbed me, but a tree stopped it."
  2. A customer collided with a buck.  When asked if he hit the buck, he replied - "I don’t know if I hit the buck or if the buck hit me - we were both running. 
  3. “A car was parked in front of my home last night at about 19h00.  My next door neighbour saw the car starting to roll down the mountain . It doesn’t look as if its drivable - it’s actually still stuck in the tree … at a 45 degree angle."
  4. A customer was driving in the early hours of the morning while it was still dark.  He felt something at his feet and freaked out.  He took his hands off the steering wheel and drove into a tree. The customer is convinced he saw a cat jump out of his car. 
  5. “When I was about to pass the parked cars I could not see the trolley but I heard a big bump and the car just went over the trolley..."


While insurance and humour do not usually go hand in hand, you do come across some pretty out of the ordinary claim explanations. 


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