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Smart Highways: A smarter and safer way to drive

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

In today’s busy world, what comes to mind first when you think of the words ‘road safety’? Is it keeping to the speed limit? Always wearing a seatbelt? Maintaining a safe following distance? Not using a cellphone while you drive? No doubt, these are all very important rules to adhere to – especially when it comes to driving right. But, in the very near future, road safety may include another factor: Smart Highways.

Just like our cars, the way we drive (shout out to the Dialdirect app) – and the very roads we drive on – are evolving. And that’s what makes projects like the “Smart Highway” so exciting. Simply put, it’s a collaborative effort to make roads, not just smarter, but safer and more energy efficient too. And the way they plan to accomplish this, is through the use of innovative technology, ingenious thinking, and some good, old fashioned common sense:

  • Bright idea

What if, instead of street lights, you could save electricity and money by using glow-in-the-dark paint as road lines?

  • Forewarned is forearmed

In the past, driving on icy roads usually meant going slowly and hoping for the best. But in the future, another Smart Highway innovation could see the use of paint that only appears when temperatures are below freezing as a way to warn motorists about potential icy dangers.

  • Amped up

If electric cars are the way of the future, there will need be a need for a better way to charge them. So what if drivers could charge their electric cars through magnetic induction in special lanes? It’s also pretty cool to note that the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology already actually has an induction-charged bus on its campus.

  • Solar power

It goes without saying that solar is the way of the future and a number of countries are already incorporating this technology on public roads and pavements as a way to generate electricity for domestic purposes, as well as businesses and public spaces, such as powering street lights. Of course, these are just some of the pioneering initiatives that have been proposed and, while there is still a great deal of work and testing to be done, it’s a big step in the right direction for greater road safety. And, as the insurer that has made ‘driving right’ our core focus, we at Dialdirect like to think that this kind of innovation is definitely right up our street.  

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