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Dialdirect helps you celebrate by paying it forward this spring

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Use the Dialdirect Insurance app to help us pay it forward this spring

If you haven’t already downloaded the Dialdirect Insurance app yet, then right now is definitely the time to get on that. Because not only have we already paid out over R9 million in ching over the past year alone – but we’re now giving our customers the chance to help us pay it forward this spring to a truly incredible organisation, Headway, that offers support to all those affected by traumatic brain injuries.

As you know, we at Dialdirect are all about driving right. But, unfortunately, things can go wrong. According the Netcare, head injuries are among the most common injuries that can occur and it’s estimated that 89 000 new cases of traumatic brain injuries are reported every year, in our country alone. Added to this is the fact that head injuries from motor vehicle, bicycle or vehicle-pedestrian accidents make up half of all cases.

That’s what makes the work that Headway does so important. As a registered non-profit organisation, they offer a variety of support programmes to adult survivors of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), as well as support services to their families and caregivers. Headway also offers survivors the information they need, practical advice, and a better understanding of what a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or Brain Injury will mean for their future – and their recovery.

So how exactly can you pay it forward with the Dialdirect Insurance app? It’s simple: For every download of the Dialdirect Insurance app, registration, and first trip tracked before 1 October 2018, Dialdirect will give R12 to Headway, capped at a total of R120 000. After all, what better way could there be to celebrate 12 whole months of giving back ching? That’s all it takes. But we need your help, so go on, right now’s the perfect time to do your thing and download the Dialdirect Insurance app.

Download the Dialdirect Insurance app now