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Get reliable roadside assistance when you need it

Thursday, August 30, 2018


By now, you’ve heard about Dialdirect’s monthly cash back. Yep, just for driving right, you get cash paid straight into your account. Every. Single. Month.

But being a Dialdirect client means more than getting monthly cash back. You also get some SA-first benefits, like Tow Truck Direct.

What is Tow Truck Direct? To explain, let’s first look at why we created this benefit.

We know it’s inevitable that, at some point, you may be stranded on the side of the road, possibly in an area you’re not familiar with. That can bring a lot of uncertainty about how you’re going to get help, and we certainly don’t want that.

To keep you safe and give you peace of mind on the road, we created an SA-first Tow Truck Direct, which

Is available to all our comprehensive car insurance customers and can be accessed via the Dialdirect Insurance App.

How does it work?

• GPS technology allows us to automatically locate you and your car, so you don’t need to wonder if the address and directions you’ve given over the phone to someone are accurate.

• A certified Dialdirect assistance provider will then be sent to your location so you know you’ll be in good hands, whether you’ve requested fuel or your car isn’t drivable.

• We provide you with the assistance provider’s name, their vehicle details, and their estimated arrival time, so you know exactly who to expect.

• You can also track their journey to you via the app, which gives you the peace of mind that help is on the way.

• Once you’ve been helped, you can rate your tow truck driver, so we – and our assistance provider – can keep working on giving you the best possible experience.

With this benefit, you can be sure your car will go where it’s supposed to after you’ve been in an accident.

We also want you to be sure of what to do if you or someone you know ever faces adverse conditions on the road, whether it’s the moments just after an accident or you’re navigating some dangerous weather. Check out our tips below.

Accident preparation

  • Make sure you fully understand your insurance policy and whether it includes towing services, and where to get this service if you need it.
  • Keep your insurer’s tow assist number with you when you’re travelling. In addition to ordering a tow at the tap of a button, Dialdirect customers can locate our contact information in our free-to-download app or in the contact card which you can save in your phonebook.
  • If you call your insurer or their approved towing service, you will get a reference number. Ask the tow truck driver to repeat this reference number for you to ensure they match up.
  • Never allow a tow truck driver to obtain your insurer’s authorisation on your behalf. Rather call your insurer or their official towing partner yourself to request a tow.
  • Take down the tow truck driver’s name and phone number, their vehicle registration number, as well as the address and name of the panel beater or storage yard where your car is being towed to.
  • Never sign a blank document or one where the specifics (towing fee, storage cost, location of the storage yard etc.) aren’t 100% clear.

In adverse weather

We’ve had some uncharacteristic weather for this time of the year across the country, so here are a few tips to ensure you’re safe on the roads no matter the conditions.

Heavy rain

  • Do your best to avoid driving when it’s raining heavily.
  • Pull over under a covered car park, bridge, or petrol station if your visibility is too poor to drive.
  • Don’t park under a tree as the rain may cause a branch to break and fall on your car.
  • Be aware that in heavy rain or deep puddles, your brakes may get wet. If this happens, they may be weak which can cause your wheels to lock-up, or pull to one side or the other.

Snow and sleet

  • Before you drive, do a quick pre-check, which includes looking at your coolant levels, defrosters, wipers, the tyres’ tread, lights, and reflectors.
  • Drive slowly and accelerate and decelerate slowly.
  • Take turns gently and brake as softly, but safely, as possible.
  • If the roads are slippery, don’t drive at all.
  • Keep a longer following distance.

Download the Dialdirect Insurance App today to score your driving, participate in driving challenges, and get more road safety tips today.

Information obtained from: Arrive Alive.