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Your mom is unique, make her day special

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Mother’s Day, the 10th of May, is slowly approaching. Breakfast in bed and flowers are so overdone. Try something different with your mum this year. Here are seven ideas.

  1. Memory Lane:
    Get together all old home movies and photo albums, if you’re grandparents are still around they’d probably be the best source for this. Invite all your siblings around, make some nice snacks, sit around together and go through all the nostalgia. Perhaps, scan all the old pictures and make a slideshow that makes it easy for you to all watch on the television together. 

  2. Lip-sync competition:
    This is something the whole family can enjoy. Every member chooses a song (CD, iPod, DVD) that they would like to lip-sync to, while the other members write down marks out of 5, the person with the highest score, wins.   Another, similar, idea is to prepare your mother’s favourite song: each person gets one song to perform, if they can sing, let them, otherwise, lip-synching will work just as well.

  3. Coupons:
    Make some coupons for your mother to redeem throughout the day (or even over the entire weekend). The coupons must make her eligible for things that she would like, for example, a cup of tea or bath time or an hour of quiet so she can read. If you’re not sure what she wants, just ask her.  

  4. Picnic:
    Plan a surprise picnic in a beautiful spot. Prepare all her favourite foods and drinks, get a big blanket and pack it into a basket. Take her to a beautiful safe park, to the beach or even to a lovely spot in her own garden.

  5. Breakfast in the garden:
    Forget the bed, go outside. While your mum is sleeping, prepare a beautiful breakfast and set a beautifully decorated table outside (if the weather permits). Be sure to prepare a warm breakfast and to have a steaming pot of coffee or tea ready. Let her sleep in for a bit before you go call her, it is her day after all.

  6. Surprise day off:
    If your mother is still working, try to arrange with her boss that she doesn’t work the day after Mother’s Day. Plan a whole fun day of things that you can do together, like seeing a movie, getting pampered or going for a hike. 

  7. Rescue Pet:
    Find out whether your mother would like a puppy. If she’s keen take her to the shelter and help her pick one out. Go with her to get all the necessities from the pet shop and then go play with the new doggy in the park or at the beach. This is an especially good idea if you have a single mom or you live far away. 

Mother’s day doesn’t have to be boring, don’t do the same thing you always do, make this year unforgettable, and remember that at the end of the day, the thing your mom appreciates the most, is your time.