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What Are Power Surges?

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

To understand what causes power surges, we first need to understand what a power surge is. A power surge is a spike in your house’s electric current. The increased voltage usually lasts for a few milliseconds and can cause harm to a home’s wiring and connected electronic devices.

What Causes Power Surges

Power surges can be caused by lightning strikes, faulty power boxes, overloaded circuits, or even power outages, something we as South Africans are quite used to by now. Energy spikes can also be caused by some of the high-power electrical equipment in homes. The fridge or microwave can cause a spike in power usage which may result in a power surge damaging the box.

Are Power Surges Dangerous?

They are! Power surges can start a fire or even electrocute someone in highly dangerous circumstances. Although the chances might seem low that you will be at the powerpoint which surges at the exact moment, the chance of it causing harm is real.

Most power surges can be detected immediately as the house’s power will trip, or in some cases where a fire started, the smell of burnt plastic and rubber will cover the room. If the power surge occurs in the same location you are in, you might be able to see the actual spark of the power surge if it does happen.

How to Protect Against Power Surges

If you feel that your home is in danger of a power surge but hasn’t had one yet, you can shut down your main power switch and power supply to your home. This process of switching off your power supply is highly recommended during lightning storms or when power outages are expected and scheduled.

How to Prevent Power Surges

Although you may not be able to prevent all power surges, you can protect your home and lessen the chance of a power surge causing damage. One way is to install power surge protective plugs and boxes in your home. You can inquire with a professional electrician to come and install these units in your home.

Can I Get Cover Against Power Surges?

Yes, you can get home and contents insurance to protect the value of your assets in the case they get damaged by a power surge. Our Home and Building Insurance policies will provide you with cover against lightning strikes, electrical malfunctions caused by power outages and other damages caused by power surges.

Please remember to specify which items in your home you would like to have covered under your home contents insurance policy during the quotation phase. It’s also a great idea to keep your insurance provider updated about any new items you purchased and wish to add to your home contents insurance policy so they may get an understanding of the valuation.

Get a home insurance quote online by calling 0861 007 367 or visit our website on www.dialdirect.co.za today and we’ll help you from there!


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