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Ten tips for more “me” time

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

There are, and always will be, only 24 hours in a day. Where do all those hours, minutes and seconds go? Are you spending all your time on work and chores? Do you even have time just for yourself? We cannot make the days longer, not even with a Bar One, but we can surely manage our time better and make the most of each day. Here are some tips for setting some time apart, just for yourself.

    1. Acknowledge that you deserve it.
      The first and hardest step of any “road to recovery” is acknowledging that there is a problem and that you deserve to be better. This is also the case when you live a life without giving yourself the time to just be by yourself and to enjoy it. Everyone deserves “me” time.

    2. What is wasting your time?
      In order to stop spending too much time on insignificant things, you have to determine what these trivial activities are. Write down what you typically do on a daily basis. Take a week and write down every activity, this will enable you to see what is unnecessary and what can be removed from your daily routine.

    3. Learn to say no.
      Realise that sometimes responding with a firm, yet polite, “no” to a request or favour, does not make you a bad person, on the contrary, not doing things that you don’t want to or have to and rather spending the time on yourself makes you a better person for treating yourself better. 

    4. Outsource/delegate.
      Guess what? You only have two hands and there’s no reason that you should be wholly responsible for doing everything. Ask family and friends to help with tasks, delegate chores to other members of the household and let colleagues help you out when they can.

    5. Create a daily ritual.
      Set aside a time for yourself every day to do something that you find relaxing and enjoyable, something you can look forward to (for example a long bath, a quiet breakfast alone, reading). Even if this means that you will have to get up earlier in the morning, it will be well worth it.

    6. Buy in bulk. 
      Many of us go to the shops way too often. Rather buy all the necessary groceries, that don’t spoil, in one go. The same goes for birthday presents, for example, if you know that many of your loved ones have their birthday in the upcoming month, buy all the cards and gifts on the same day in the beginning of the month.

    7. Shop online. 
      For some things you don’t even have to go to the shops. Buy all your necessities that are available online over the internet and have them delivered, this will save you a lot of time and effort.

    8. Monthly treat. 
      Reward yourself monthly, yes, you do deserve it. Set a day aside where you devote time to yourself, it is essential that you schedule this in your diary, no skimping. Examples of what you can do on your special day are spa treatments, a haircut, a round of golf, a movie or whatever else tickles your fancy.

    9. Exercise. 
      Many of us shudder just at the mention of this word. It is, however, not a swear word. You would be surprised in how beneficial an exercise routine can be for you. It’s obviously good for your health, but it also alleviates stress and gives you time to reflect, listen to your favourite music or even listen to a fascinating e-book and all of this while you’re getting yourself in shape.

    10. Public Transport. 
      Driving to work every day takes up a lot of time and it is a frustrating task, to say the least. If you’re in the position to make use of public transport, like a train or bus, rather opt for that. When you’re not driving you stress less, it also gives you time to do other things, like read an interesting magazine or zone out, while you commute.


Time is precious, make sure that you make the most of the time that you have. We cannot always do just what we want but there is always a way to save time and to spend the saved time on something that we love to do.

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