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How to be safe, and stay safe, when you’re out on a run

Friday, June 12, 2020

So, here we are in level 3 of the lockdown chronicles. We have a little more freedom to get out and about, and you know what that means – fresh air, the thud of trainers on pavement, the serenity of it being just you and road – that’s right, we can get out there and run as much as we want again.

But even though some limitations have relaxed, it seems the bad guys haven’t. In fact, just the opposite. Recent stats have shown an increase in incidents where joggers are being targeted and mugged.

It’s because of this troubling trend, that we’ve put together a list of top tips on how to be safe, and stay safe, when out on a run.

Here they are:

  • Know your surroundings: Be familiar with your route. Don’t explore a new route when you’re alone.
  • Together but apart: Exercising in groups may not be allowed, but it’s wise to arrange with fellow joggers in your neighbourhood to take to the road at more or less the same time so that they can assist if there’s an emergency.
  • Be alert: Always keep your eyes and ears open for suspicious individuals. While music keeps you pumped, it also blocks out sensory information that could save more than just your belongings.
  • Limit the bling: Carry as few valuables as possible and make sure that those you do carry are well hidden.
  • Be fight or flight ready: It’s wise to invest in a mobile panic button, or to have an emergency app on your phone that allows you to easily connect to, and share your location with, emergency services.
  • Be informed: If possible, join your neighbourhood group that keeps an eye out for suspicious activity and sends instant alerts.
  • Know your friends: Identify homes along your route that have intercom systems that you could ring for help in an emergency.
  • Rope in the cavalry: Check with your local security company to make sure that they have patrols in the area where you’ll be jogging. It’s a valuable added layer of security.
  • Invest in self-defence classes: Many online classes are available that can teach you valuable tips to protect yourself.

We urge you, while you revel in the joy of running free once again, stay alert, stay vigilant, when you do.