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2019’s fitness trends

Thursday, March 14, 2019

If your New Year's resolution is to get fitter, you’re in for a treat in 2019. Health and wellness awareness has dramatically increased, and there is a wealth of options out there to suit anybody and everybody. Whether you just want to tone up, lose a few kilograms or even train for a specific event, there are a number of studios available that offer the latest fitness trends to choose from. 2019 is all about doing enough for yourself, and not bending over backwards to follow someone else’s ideas of fitness or beauty. So, with that in mind, here are the latest techniques in the industry that might catch your eye and help you find a fitness solution that suits you.


HIIT gets a twist

HIIT, short for high intensity, interval training, became popular several years ago with the introduction of Crossfit into South Africa. This type of training involves numerous exercises that last only a few minutes each but are packed with bursts of movement to give you as much input as possible in the shortest amount of time. HIIT focuses on functional fitness, and while this is an attractive option as it gives you optimum strength for daily activities, its core message has become a little stale. Luckily, for first timers and those looking to shake things up, studios and gyms have started to offer classes that mix other forms of exercise into their core HIIT regime. From dance, and yoga, to boxing, you’ll start to see hybrid classes that offer a fun mix of exercises.


App programmes

Home workouts are often left up to the individual to figure out by searching for a few YouTube videos that might (or might not) be what they’re looking for. Guesswork is a large part of home exercise, and for those who are new to working out or aren’t comfortable stepping into a large gym filled with people, it makes the fitness journey a difficult one to navigate. 2019 is predicted to see the increase in apps developed by fitness professionals to guide people through their fitness journey as practically and conveniently as possible, from the comfort of their own home.

Kayla Itsines for example has an extremely thorough app that takes individuals through a weekly workout that includes pre-workout routines, post workout routines, offers images and videos, meal plans and an explanation of how to do the workouts properly, as well as what they’ll do for your body. These types of programmes not only guide people through well thought out exercises but also offer personalisation by allowing them to choose what exercises to do on days that suit them.


Group workouts 

While fitness has become more personalized, the industry has also found the need to create spaces that allow people to share the experience with others. While the workouts are suited to everyone, and they can see the fruits of their efforts both physically and via data gained from wearable technology, group workouts help increase motivation and give people a sense of comradery.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine’s 13th annual report, group training came out as the second most popular fitness trend for 2019 and stated that “Group programs are designed to be motivational and effective for people at different fitness levels, with instructors using leadership techniques that help individuals achieve fitness goals.” While the attention given is individual, group workouts offer the element of “we’re all in this together”.

While 2019’s fitness trends may not be entirely brand-new ideas, they all have an element of reinvention that makes them fresh and exciting to try in the new year. So, whether your goal is to lose weight, buff up or just get the heart racing and the endorphins flowing, chances are there’s a trend out there to get you going. Just as life insurance is advantageous as a form of financial security for your loved ones, exercise is advantageous for both your physical and mental well-being. Luckily for us, 2019 is offering up some fun and refreshing ways to get active and healthy.