Included Benefits

Included Benefits

24/7/365 Online Policy Management

Buy and manage your insurance online in your own time, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Our online policy management service allows you to monitor the progress of your Cash Back Bonus or add and remove specified portable possessions items all in your own time.  We understand that there are things in life that take hard work, so we’ve made insurance easy. 

Cash Back Bonus

Our Cash Back Bonus is included with your policy and pays you up to 25% of all your premiums, or the entire first year's premiums (whichever is less) back in cash after 4 consecutive years of continuous cover with us - even if certain claims are made.

2 Minute Windscreen Claims

Submit your windscreen claim online and take advantage of our fast track solution of a 2 minute approval time, leaving you with more time to do the things you really love. 

Express Claims

Our Express Claims means that we have a same day turn-around time where we approve and pay claims on the same day for a wide selection of personal and household valuables. So the next time that you need to claim for things like your cellphone, geysers, garden furniture, caravan contents, handbags, among many other items, you’ll be assured of a 24 hour turn-around time, provided that your documents are submitted timeously.

Repairs Fully Managed

Managing your claims is our job, which is why we will manage the entire process – from sourcing all the necessary repair quotes for your vehicle claim, to keeping you fully updated at every step of the way. When we supervise the repairs done to your vehicle, we ensure that only the highest quality of work is done, and that’s why you can enjoy a lifetime guarantee on all the vehicle repair work done.

No Assessment or Inventory Required

At the inception of either your Home Contents or Buildings Insurance policy, there is no need to spend additional time or money having an inventory drawn up or an assessment done. These can be compiled later to make sure your policy is accurate and up to date. We will even help you source new household items if yours are stolen or damaged, without the need for 3 quotes, and automatically adjust your home content’s insured amount as the replacement values change.

Dialdirect Benefits

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