Business Assist

Business Assist


With our Business Assist Benefits by your side you’re guaranteed of 24/7 support in achieving long-term growth – we can even make sure that you get the best advice, prices, and services. 

It’s just part of how we aim to make sure that your business is given the advantage that puts you ahead of the pack and that it goes from strength to strength.


Access to a network of 140 000 suppliers for;

  • Tax advice
  • Marketing advice
  • Human resources advice
  • Specials on travel arrangements
  • Discounts on vehicles 
  • Assistance with Google AdWords


We have an extensive selection of additional benefits. Visit to get ahead of the game.

What's included

  • Business Advisor Service: A panel of expert business leaders who can give you simple practical advice. Our experts will assist you with any business-related queries.
  • IT Help Desk Assist: A manned panel of qualified computer technicians who are available 24/7, all year round to help you navigate the online aspects of running your business.
  • Business Road Assist: A holistic set of comprehensive solutions for a multitude of roadside emergency situations, including services such as towing, fuel delivery, and directions. 

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