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car insurance

The look on someone’s face when you tell them that you don’t have insurance is slightly more disbelieving than the look they would have if you were to tell them that you drive a hovercraft.

Whether you're just getting started with a new run-around on credit or simply protecting the much loved family station wagon, at Dial Direct we know that every cent better spent means more for you and your family. That's exactly why our car insurance cover can be tailored to your needs without emptying your pockets.

We've made simple smart car insurance quick, easy and hassle-free. You can call 0860 424 424 and speak to a consultant, or you can make use of our online quote tool. Simple smart ways to get the best possible car cover in the shortest possible time.


Key features of our car insurance:

  • Types of cover:
  • Comprehensive cover is immediate for third party incidents, we'll also protect you if you have an accident in someone else's vehicle and we'll even attempt to recover your excess from the other driver.
  • Additional car cover options: Mechanical Breakdown

    Additional car insurance cover for mechanical failure on parts like: engine, steering, gearbox, fuel system, cooling system, air conditioner drive shaft, propshaft or electrical ignition.


    Additional car insurance cover for those chips from stones, scuff marks, trolleys hitting your side mirrors, etc.

    Sound System

    Additional car insurance cover for your car's sound system.

    Hail Damage

    Additional car insurance cover to protect you against the scourge of hailstones.


    Additional car insurance cover for vehicles with canopies.

  • All car claim and repair processes will be handled for you:
    • Sourcing of car repair quotes
    • Regular feedback by email or sms
  • All approved car repairs carry a lifetime guarantee

Dial Direct benefits with car insurance:

  • Simple Smart Bonus*

    Up to 25% of all premiums, or entire first year's premiums (whichever is the lesser) back in cash after 4 years of continuous cover with Dial Direct, even if certain claims are made
    *Formerly Bucks Back Bonus

  • 24 hour emergency assistance call centre (just dial 0860 91 19 11)
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